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    Recruitment 1: sales staff

    Professional requirements:

    mechanical, electrical, electrical engineering and automation, marketing and other related professional

    Recruitment object:

     unlimited, transformer design and sales experience is preferred

    Work location:

    Shandong province recruitment Longtan Road Tai'an high tech Development Zone: 10

    Zone: 10


    Job nature: full-time

    sex requirements: Male

    Education: college degree and above

    Age: 35 years of age

    Reference monthly salary:

     release time:

    Effective date:

    he deadline: long-term and effective

    Sincere hire: Shandong taikai Transformer Co., Ltd. is taikai Group Holdings Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary, company is located in the famous at the foot of Mount Tai, located at the south of Taian High-tech Development Zone, covers an area of 1500 acres is a power transmission and transformation equipment backbone enterprise of national Torch Plan. Specializing in the production of one million volts and the following types of oil immersed transformer, dry-type transformer, special transformer and a reactor power transmission and transformation equipment. Companies adhering to the highest a better development strategy, namely to high starting point of human resource, high starting point of plant equipment, high starting point of technology and good management software, in the industry enjoys a high reputation. With the continuous improvement of enterprise research and development capabilities, production capacity, an urgent need to expand sales team, with the continued development and expansion of enterprises to adapt to, now seeking for all kinds of elite, and enterprises to seek common development, create brilliant.



    Department: Marketing Department

    Job: Salesman

    Recruitment: 10 people

    Recruitment requirements:

    Male, under 35 years of age;

    College degree or above, major in mechanical, electrical engineering, electrical engineering and automation, marketing and other related majors;

    Bachelor degree and engineering major;

    The hard-working, strong sense of responsibility, good communication and coordination ability, can adapt to long-term business;

    The English level six or above is preferred.



    Salary: Negotiable, pay five social insurance and one housing fund

    Registration location: Shandong taikai transformer limited company personnel department (office building two floor)

    Contact and phone: Zhang director 0538-8933727

    Address: Shandong province Tai'an City Longtan Road, high tech Development Zone (South)